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The Eiger Sanction During the days of the

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ld war, agents would have to kill or assassinate members of foreign governments. Art History Professor Jonathan Hemlock (Clint Eastwood) is such an agent. Hemlock has interest in fine art and to satisfy that interest, from time to time he has to do odd jobs for a government agency run by a light sensitive director by the name of Dragon (Thayer David).
A friend of Professor Hemlock has been killed on assignment in Europe and Dragon has asked him to finish the job. At first the Professor is hesitant but when he finds out that it was a friend from his Army days, he changes his mind, for a price.
The job is completed and on the plane back he runs into a stewardess by name of Jemima Brown (Vonetta McGee). The two hit it off and have a roll in the hay, so to speak. What Hemlock doesnt realize is that Jemima is an agent under Dragon and there is a bigger assignment to be done. There is a team being p asics gt ut together to climb a mountain called the Eiger. On this team is the man who ordered the European hit on Hemlocks friend.
Hemlock has attempted this climb twice before but has never com

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peted the trip. The idea of climbing the Eiger and taking out someone involved in the murder of his fri onitsuka tiger tai chi shoes end is too much for Hemlock unitsuka tiger just to say no to. First he has to get in shape and to do that he must work with a friend to get his skills back up to par.
That friend is Ben Bowman (George Kennedy). He owns a ranch where the climbing is good and the scenery is pretty good also, and Im not just talking about the mountains. Hemlock is working out everyday and is getting close to being able to attempt the climb when an ex-agent friend shows up at the ranch. Miles Mellough (Jack Cassidy) used to be on the team with Hemlock back in the day but went over to the other side. He is worried that Hemlock will be after him but in actuality Hemlock hadnt thought about it. When the opportunity arises to take out Miles, Hemlock takes the man out into the desert and leaves him there to die.
The story goes on to the actual climb of the Eiger and the realization of who ordered the hit is later revealed but you will have to watch the movie to find these things out.
Clint Eastwood is the Director of this movie and does a fine job from the other side of the camera. Eastwood has always been a proven actor but it was not until now that we see that he can direct as well . The scenery in the Alps is breathtaking and the action in this spy thriller is end of your seat viewing. So enjoy Eastwood at his multitalented best.